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The Mask Never Lies


Multidisciplinary dance spectacle and DJ session


Aclucalls is a project by the company laSADCUM that addresses the relation between body and technology through the eyes of the post-internet generation. Saturday’s show is followed by DJs sets with JOVENDELAPERLA and Berenice and Da Rocha Um.

Aclucalls is a multidisciplinary dance spectacle that brings together performance with sound and audiovisual creation. It’s the work of the company laSADCUM, which for this project has brought together 18 artists born in the 1990s. It takes the form of a grotesque portrait of today's society, exposing the frustrations and traumas of Generation Z through the eyes of its members, immersed in technological dystopia, information saturation, forced optimism and the cult of the body. The show is based on three key concepts: the workout, computer programming and the screen. Aclucalls is the proposal of a community of creators from different disciplines that will be premiered at the CCCB as part of Dansa Metropolitana and is accompanied by a series of activities curated by the company.

Session with the DJ sets of JOVENDELAPERLA and Berenice and Da Rocha Um

On Saturday 12, the second performance of Aclucalls will be followed by DJ sets with JOVENDELAPERLA y Berenice and Da Rocha Um. Purchase of a ticket for Aclucalls includes free admission, subject to prior reservation. It is also possible to attend just the concert by purchasing the ticket.


Author laSADCUM | Choreographer and director Guillem Jiménez | Movement consultant Carla Moll | Performers Alexa Moya, Carla Moll, Guillem Jiménez, Jaume Clotet, Javi Valls, Judit Amengual, Laia Camps, Meritxell de Soto, Ona Cros, Stefano de Luca, Marina Olivares and Vera Palomino | Original music and sound design DA ROCHA | Set and lighting Oriol Corral | Visuals Guillem Jiménez  | Costume design and creation Gina Berenguer | External view Claudia Mirambell | Graphic design and animation Aina Mira | Logo design Eduard Taberner | Production agent Blanca Sartorius | Production management Anastàtica Cultural - Muntsa Roca | Artistic practices Gabriel Levie | Acknowledgments Pol Jiménez, Fito Conesa, Amalia S. de Nieves, Miquel Sánchez, Col·lectiu HIRU and everyone who took part in the crowdfunding

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