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Anna Starobinets


She is one of the most prominent authors of the new generation of Russian writers of fantastic fiction, with books for children and teenagers. Graduated in Philology from Moscow State University, she currently works as a journalist at Russki Reporter, after having worked as a critic, reporter and editor at leading Russian newspapers such as Gazeta, Argumenty and Faky or Expert. At the age of just twenty-seven she published her first book, An Awkward Age (2012), followed by The Living (published in Spanish by Nevsky Prospects, 2012), a winner of the Utopiales European Award and the Ukrainian distinction International Assembly of Sci-fi. He won the Russian National Best Seller Prize with The Icarus Gland and other stories of metamorphosis (published in Spanish by Nevsky Prospects, 2014), and Catlantis (published in Spanish by Dolmen, 2021), which was Book of the Year for the British newspaper The Observer. In 2021, Editorial Impedimenta has published in Spanish Look at Him, a novel that narrates in a confessional tone the loss of a son, together with a devastating terror caused by the pilgrimage through Russian health institutions. In 2018, Stabironets was the winner of the European Science Fiction Society Award. At the beginning of the Ukrainian war she went to Georgia.


Update: 12 December 2022


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Anna Starobinets

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