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Urban Nature

A walk-through film by Rimini Protokoll

2 July — 19 September



The Red Mirror

Until July 11th //

Public space / public place: the project

Daniela Colafranceschi

For years we tried to urbanize the countryside but now the logic is reversed. What values ​​and meanings does the landscape bring to the city?  

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The environmental impact of digital publishing

Marta Escamilla Monell | Jordi Panyella Carbonell

Almost 10% of what we read nowadays is in digital format, which is why we are looking into the digital impact of this area.

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Culturnautes 2021

From June 28 to July 30, the CCCB summer camp for children aged 6 to 14 returns.
Registration open now.

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«Bioscope: Interspecies» with your family

Workshop on the creation and animation of imaginary creatures. Using stop motion animation techniques and artificial intelligence, we invite you to design new living beings, the worlds they inhabit and their relationships.
Next workshops: 15 and 23 May

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