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Architecture without shadow

When architecture goes beyond the strict limits of construction it becomes a poetic catalyst, charged with signs and meaning. It is at this point, under the auspices of art, that an original work of architecture comes into contact with photography, because photographic recreation captures the essence of singular buildings seen as icons, subjectivising it and distorting it through the viewfinder, to extract a creation which is also singular, and also an original work of art. Architecture without shadow is a group exhibition of artists who use the photographic medium to represent the specific theme of original architecture.

This exhibition looks at the increasingly frequent collaboration between architects and artists. Hiroshi Sugimoto and Balthasar Burckhard redeem the slightest details, the events that pass unnoticed; Andreas Gursky and Jeff Wall consciously bring out the pictorial quality of their compositions, based on the forms and structures of architecture; Günter Förg, Candida Höfer and Thomas Ruff prefer to highlight the visual essence of the photograph, with their respectively emotional, vitalistic and political approaches to

Curators: Gloria Moure

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