CCCB Lab is the CCCB department specifically devoted to research, transformation and innovation in the cultural sphere. Its objectives involve proposing new lines of work and contents and new ways of presenting them publicly, in line with the current social and cultural context. It focuses especially on the study and observation of the changes that collaborative digital technologies have caused in the way of conceiving, producing and distributing cultural assets, in working and learning methodologies and in the forms of social, political and economic organisation. These changes are profound and go beyond the technologies themselves and beyond the fascination that they arouse in us. This reflection is found in the basis of the projects that the Lab co-produces, it determines the collaboration networks that it establishes with other groups, organisations and collectives, and structures the CCCB Lab’s blog.

Research and praxis provide constant feedback to each other: the Lab is based on projects produced in house and in collaboration with other departments at the CCCB to incorporate innovations that are the result of its research. Kosmopolis, Internet Universe, the Cultural Innovation International Prize, I+C+i, Now, Nano and the exhibitions “Global Screen” and “Big Bang Data” all are or have been testing grounds for themes and new formats.

The Lab forms part of a broad community of groups, organisations and institutions and is connected with those with which it shares an affinity in thematic terms and objectives: Amical Wikipedia, the Latin America-Europe Cultural Ring, Barcelona The LAB, Goteo, Institut de Recherche et Innovation du Centre Pompidou, Periodismo de Datos (OKFN-Spain) and Zzzinc, among many others. Its collaboration with these groups takes place on different levels, from dissemination of their contents and activities to the co-production and/or management of their projects, and including the formation of multi-disciplinary work groups based around technoculture and digital humanities.

The blog has worked since 2009 as a window of the CCCB Lab. Over the course of the years it has gradually become consolidated as a regular publication: a digital magazine with an editorial and art-based approach, and contents linked to the programme of the CCCB and currently linked with subjects that occupy the department: articles, reports and interviews that are complemented by online resources to look in depth at the questions tackled. The blog has a clear mission to inform and is an attempt to disseminate among a broad audience issues and questions that both determine the present and profile the future of the cultural sphere