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The “Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. Casa de Caritat” is a local consortium constituted by the Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona Provincial Council) and the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council) which annually contribute a sum amounting to 75% and 25%, respectively, of the operating costs originated by the running of the Centre and its activities.

You can consult all the information on the governing bodies, management and funding of the CCCB in the Articles of Association of the “Consorci Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona-Casa de Caritat”.


Organisational Framework

The CCCB is a Consortium, with its own legal personality, independent of those of its members and with full capacity to act.

For the performance of its duties, the CCCB has recognised independent powers for dealing with its regulatory affairs and internal organisation, along with issues relating to taxation, financial matters, programming and planning among others, and it manages its services in accordance with the forms envisaged in the Local Regime legislation.

The General Council is the CCCB’s maximum governing body. In addition to representatives from the consortium administrations, members from the Centre’s Management form part of the Council.

In line with its volume of activity, its structures and its great diversity of objectives, the CCCB has opted for an organisational model based on two main spheres under Management responsibility: Programming and Administration. The different services that group the staff at the service of the CCCB are organised into these two areas, based on affinity of tasks, functions and operating targets, and under the principle of competence and speciality.


Sources of funding

  • Contributions from the Consortium members (Diputació de Barcelona and Ajuntament de Barcelona)
  • Admission charges and fees
  • Income from services
  • Grants and other public or private income (patronage and sponsorships)

Activities reports and budgets


Governing bodies and management

The General Council
Approves the general lines of programming, regulations and orders, the annual budget, the ways of managing services, the workforce and the organisational chart, among other functions.

The Presidency
Represents the consortium on an institutional level, calls, presides over, suspends and adjourns the General Council sessions, approves the settlement of the budget, appoints the General Director and the Treasurer, among other functions.

The Special Accounts Committee
The Special Accounts Committee shall have the functions assigned to it by the laws on Local Government and local finance.

General Management
The functions corresponding to the General Director include organising and supervising services, producing cultural and management programmes, assuming the official representation of the Centre, exercising direct command in personnel matters and financial management of the Centre, among others.



Members of the CCCB’s General Council

Hon. Mrs. Lluïsa Moret Sabidó

Hon. Mr. Jaume Collboni Cuadrado

General Director
Mrs. Judit Carrera Escudé

Board Members for the Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona Provincial Council)
Hon. Mrs. Núria Parlon Gil
Hon. Mrs. Ma. Eugènia Gay Rosell
Mr. Javier Villamayor Caamaño
Mr. Daniel Fernández González
Hon. Mr. Jaume Oliveras i Maristany
Hon. Mr. Jordi Castellana i Gamisans
Mr. Pau Gonzàlez Val
Hon. Mr. Joan Rodriguez i Portell
Mr. Emiliano Jiménez León

Board Members for the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council)
Mr. F. Xavier Marcé Carol
Mrs. Elisenda Rius Bergua
Mr. Ivan Pera Itxart

Mrs. Petra Mahillo García

Delegate secretary
Mrs. Laura Esquerda i Fontanills

Financial Controller
Mr. Josep Abella i Albiñana

Delegate Controller
Mrs. Mariam Bernal Martínez