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CCCB for All

Ever since it first opened its doors, the CCCB has taken on the responsibility of offering a venue where everyone can enjoy access to culture. In this regard, the Centre’s social programme includes the Alzheimer and Apropa Cultura (Bring Culture Closer) programmes, and the blog on Museums and Accessibility. 

Alzheimer Programme, created in October 2010 by staff at the Centre, is a programme designed for Alzheimer patients, their families and carers. It offers guided tours of exhibitions and a special programme of films or about the history of the Casa Provincial de Caritat (Barcelona’s former almshouse, which today houses the CCCB).

Apropa Cultura is a programme that aims to ensure accessibility to cultural facilities for all citizens. It is an initiative that brings together theatres, concert halls and museums with organisations from the social sector to make culture accessible for everyone. The CCCB has formed part of the programme since 2013 and offers visits to exhibitions.

As part of the CCCB accessibility programme, a sign-language interpreter accompanies the guided tours of the exhibitions on designated dates. Additionally, this programme also offers activities and special tours for the blind and visually impaired.

The CCCB, together with other museums in Barcelona and the metropolitan area, forms part of a work group related with accessibility at museums similar to those of English-speaking communities. They have created the blog on Museums and Accessibility to compile their experiences. 

The implementation of the Catalan Government’s 2014 Accessibility Act, the advances in the area of “Design for All” and the accessibility provided by the main cultural centres and museums, as well as the need to connect with new audiences, have led to the creation of an internal work group to draft a CCCB Design for All management plan.

Design for All is a new key strategic factor for diverse societies, aligned with the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO), which helps institutions to drive social innovation and adapt their projects to reach all audiences.