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SUMMER 2023 Non-guided tour to "Flowers and Journeys"

Cabosanroque trilogy (III)

Immersive installation that tells us about the war through the voices of women who have been forced to flee a current war. Proposal for summer camp groups 2023. 

By entering the sinister atmosphere of Cabosanroque's latest work, we take a journey full of beauty among the flowers of a world torn apart by war. We will hear excerpts from the storybook Travels and Flowers, in the voice of women who have been forced to flee a current war. Transplanted into Ukrainian, Mercè Rodoreda's words become incomprehensible sounds for us and, at the same time, reveal to us an internal rhythmic logic, a musicality of the text that will survive beyond any translation. Recommended to young people aged 14 and above.

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