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Activities for groups and schools

SUMMER 2023 Non-guided tour to "Brossa didn’t make me" + Sound Art Workshop

Cabosanroque trilogy (I)

Visit to the theater installation "Brossa didn't make me" as part of the Grec Festival, and sound art workshop "Teclat viu. games with voice and sounds". Proposal for summer camp groups 2023.

The voice of the poet Joan Brossa inspires this piece of expanded theater around the term landscape. In this walkable poem, the audience can explore different scenes created from everyday objects. This visit centered on children from 6 to 12 years old will be accompanied by the sound art workshop "Teclat viu", a sound experience that activates our imagination and listens to the world around us, designed by Violeta Ospina.

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Guided tour for "Artificial Intelligence" exhibition

The guided visit aims to establish a conversation to connect the people who attend the visit with the reflection intended by the artistic pieces and objects present in the room.