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Rada Akbar: lecture for secondary students

Voices That Resound in Art

In this talk, the artist and photographer Rada Akbar denounces the situation of women in Afghanistan and stresses their role in the country’s history.

In recent years, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has been making the country’s women invisible and mute, while also stripping them of the most basic rights like control of their own bodies and sexuality, denying their access to education, work, and the institutions, and restricting their use of public space. In Afghanistan and in her recent exile in Paris, Rada Akbar has used art to denounce this reality and to testify to the presence of women who have contributed to the history of their country. With photography, performance, and the plastic or textile arts, frequently recovering traditional techniques, Akbar gives expression to the pain of Afghan women as she presents their strength and courage in different forms which make them visible to the rest of the world. In this session, Rada Akbar will speak about how art can provide a channel of communication for silenced voices, and how it can become a means of consciousness raising and struggle.

The session has a pedagogical dossier (in Catalan) so that the students can work on the contents beforehand in the classroom and thus make the most out of the lecture.

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