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Activities for groups and schools

Non-guided tour for "Artificial Intelligence" exhibition

An opportunity to visit the exhibition at your leisure.

The tour analyzes how the development of AI has been influenced by many different factors, both in terms of anthropological aspects of ancient civilizations and the drive of human beings towards scientific experimentation. We also analyze how AI surrounds us, shaping our lives in public and private space, through the media and the products we buy, and disturbing reflections arise such as: will AI affect privacy, freedom, and truth? Finally, we open a door to the research and transversality of the applications of artificial intelligence, and to the fusion with other scientific and artistic disciplines. We see how AI invites us to consider a world where our intelligence is not the only one, we already have a hybrid intelligence.

Group visits must always maintain respect for other visitors, as well as for the objects in the room. In any case, the group leaders must help the Center staff to ensure this respect.

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Guided tour for "Suburbia" exhibition

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