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Samuel Aranda


Museum Archive of Vilassar de Dalt

This spring, the Museu Arxiu de Vilassar de Dalt is hosting the exhibition of photographs by Samuel Aranda organized by the CCCB.

It’s now over four years since Arab Spring, when countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the Yemen all shared the revolutionary spirit that managed to put an end to their dictatorships. The media deploy huge campaigns to cover conflicts when they break out, but what happens when they cease to be news?

Samuel Aranda, winner of World Press Photo of the Year 2011, visited these places when they were at war and then returned a few months later to portray everyday living spaces after the revolutions. Taking his images as a starting point, war reporter Mayte Carrasco set up a conversation with bloggers and journalists to talk about the tensions of transition, political reconstruction, social change and cyberdissidence in these countries, where tensions still run high. The result can be seen at, a website that brings together the publications and contributions of a large number of the agents involved and expert opinions.

In a continuing geographical and political context of turmoil, the exhibit shows how the reflections it prompted among bloggers and journalists are still very relevant today.

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