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Touring activities

Post-it City

Occasional urbanities

Centro Palacio de Cibeles

The exhibition “Post-it City. Occasional Cities” will run at the CentroCentro Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid from 22 September to 20 February 2012 after travelling for over three years around arts centres in Latin America: MAC-Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Santiago de Chile), EAC-Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (Montevideo, Uruguay), Espacio Casa de Cultura-La Prensa (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and the Centro Cultural São Paulo (Brazil).

“Occasional Cities” is an ambitious project that examines the various temporary uses that overlap in the urban territory. Giovanni La Varra proposes the concept of post-it city to explore this proliferation of ephemeral situations that fall outside conventional planning and pre-established political correctness. In his approach, post-it cities are a type of ephemeral city that infect the ordinary city by means of uncoded, temporary, anonymous uses that are implicitly critical. The idea is to extend this base to the concept of occasional city in order to explore the phenomenon with the emphasis on the viewpoints of architecture, urbanism and the visual arts in all their possible variants for the purposes of documentation and thought. The objective of the exhibition is to stimulate reflection on the relevance of architecture, urbanism and art to the use of city space and, in particular, the conflictive relations of art in documenting or stimulating this use.