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Big Bang Data

Cambridge, Massachusetts / MIT Museum

The MIT Museum is notable for a type of exhibition dealing directly with issues of science and technology and finding in art a medium through which to present its research to society. The itinerant exhibition "Big Bang Data" fits this framework and the MIT Museum is its next stop with the aim of helping us to understand where the line between people and the data we generate is drawn.

"Big Bang Data" is one of the CCCB’s Beta exhibitions and is designed as a route through the accumulation and storage in the so-called “cloud” of data we generate by way of mobile phones, social networks (participants in every moment of our lives) and the string of security cameras monitoring our routes through the city. Are these data a new source of wealth?

By means of installations and a range of visual resources, the exhibition explores how the generation, processing and interpretation of data are radically transforming our society and therefore changing the ways in which decisions are made.

"Big Bang Data" is a synergistic project which brings together creators, researchers, activists, designers, educators, analysts, cartographers, engineers, economists, architects, communicators, programmers, journalists, and people from many more fields.

Moreover, also shown in this venue of the itinerant exhibition are recent MIT research projects involving innovative data collection systems and studies of databanks concerned with health, human behaviour, facial recognition, social justice, and the effects of global warming on sea level rise.

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