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Bolaño Archive. 1977- 2003

Roberto Bolaño (Santiago de Chile 1953 – Barcelona 2003) is one of the most important writers of recent decades. His books have become an indisputable reference point for all lovers of literature. This exhibition created with the collaboration between the CCCB and the Heirs of Roberto Bolaño’s Archive, aims to pay tribute to his work while also offering a first exploration of his personal archive.

Readers around the world, ardent admirers of this radically singular writer will be able to experiment an immersion in the mass of exercise books, note¬books, handwritten and typed manuscripts, letters, books and photographs that Bolaño conserved over the course of his lifetime and that are suggestive in themselves of a great game of detective-style investi¬gation. An open case where reader-detectives can contrast their discoveries, while at the same time opening paths to provide new views of an as yet unknown territory.

Bolaño Archive is one of a series of exhibitions about literature that the CCCB has been mounting since it was founded: James Joyce’s Dublin, The Lisbons of Pessoa (also shown in Frankfurt and Lisbon), The City of K. Franz Kafka and Prague (also mounted at the Jewish Museum of New York, and which has now become the central exhibition at the Kafka Museum in Prague), Cosmopolis. Borges and Buenos Aires (shown as well in 2011 in Buenos Aires), The Trieste of Magris and our recent exhibition Pasolini Roma (which will be also presented in Paris, Rome and Berlin).

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