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The Barcelona Debate

Thinking the future

The Barcelona Debate 2010

After many years of living in the present continuous, it would seem that some interest is again being shown in the future. The world has been like an immense room without views in which a present in accelerated movement has not been letting through any ray of light coming from the past – which only led back to war or mayhem – or casting us in the direction of any minimally distant future – which was seen as a blurry horizon. However, all of a sudden, with the present crisis, people are beginning to look out. Thinking the future is a necessity. Not for seeking some ideal solution but for glimpsing what risks we shall be taking if we keep on doing things the way we are now. What does humanity mean in the coming world and what might be the moral and cultural references of our society? Thinking the future means bringing the great eternal questions up to date once again: What can I know? What must I do? What can I expect?

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