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The Barcelona Debate


The Barcelona Debate 2007

Questioning existence in an age of overconsumption.

After the crises of religion and the great ideologies that marked the 20th century, our present times appear to represent the triumph of the most frivolous aspects of our condition. Leisure, aesthetics and consumption would now seem to be the panaceas that are to guarantee our happiness. Nonetheless, behind all the lures of this culture of hedonism, the troubling questions over the sense of our existence are still latent, along with a diffuse spirituality impregnated with Oriental wisdom and à la carte beliefs, as an ever-growing testimony to this nostalgia for the absolute. How is it possible to make sense of a world that is dominated by formulas for canned happiness and instant consumption? How can spiritual needs be expressed in today's world?With this cycle, the CCCB and the Collserola Foundation continue with the reflections upon the human condition in our contemporary world that began in 2005 and 2006 with the lecture series "Passions" and "Life".

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