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Kosmopolis 2005

International Festival of Literature: special edition for the Year of the Book and Reading

A year in which the fourth centenary of the Quixote is celebrated, and one also officially dedicated to encouraging a passion for books and reading, means a period of intense media focus upon literature. In what is officially a literary year, Kosmopolis is presenting a special compact edition that changes the festival's biennial nature, to continue taking an in-depth look at the themes and formats that define its spirit.


The printed word, the oral word and the electronicword are combined together on a scene where new types of readers and writers are participating in a change that provokes some resistance, but at the same time is modifying mental habits, aesthetic categories and the ways of creating worlds.

K05 celebrates this special edition with a programme that ranges from the lasting light of Cervantes to the (ambiguous) crisis of the book format, from a literary mapping of Barcelona's Raval district to the dilemma raised by the influence of the Internet in the kitchen of writing, from the emergence of a new third culture humanism to the diverse practices that position literature at the core of urban creativity.

Juan Insua

This activity is part of Kosmopolis

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