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Guided visits to the exhibition “Borders”

Guided visits to the exhibition “Borders” by writers, journalists and experts who have worked on it and analysed the subject and who, with their knowledge, give us greater insight into the theme.


This cycle of guided visits is organized in the conviction that crossing borders helps us to see and understand. With the help of people who have worked on, studied and experienced in depth the borders they present, it sets out to teach us something more about them.

The world today is crisscrossed by over 226,000 kilometres of land borders. The exhibition "Borders" looks at geopolitical issues, with the presentation of 10 examples of borders. The ambiguity of the concept (fronts and borders, links and separations, seams and slashes, disconnection and interfaces...) is present, reflecting the reality at ground level.

The exhibition is designed as a journey through different worlds, a movement that brings together history and geopolitics, the views of photographers and eye-witnesses, sounds and maps, general reflections and field studies. We know how to get in... What will we have discovered by the end of our trip, when we pass the final landmark?

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