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The Barcelona Debate

Europe as a Subject

The Barcelona Debate 2002


What can be done to ensure that Europeans know about the history and culture of their continent? How should Europe be taught in schools? What is the shared cultural history of all Europeans, and what makes us different? If we are to share institutions, currency and sovereignty, it seems only reasonable to know how others speak, work, desire and create. It is in this spirit that the CCCB, with the collaboration of Fundació Collserola, is organizing a cycle of lectures with a view to launching a debate about Europe and education.

This activity is part of The Barcelona Debate

Previous activities

What Vision of Europe for Future Generations?

Lecture by Bronislaw Geremek

Europe from abroad

Lecture by Steven Erlanger

New instruments (education in new technologies).

Lecture by Joan Majó

Democracy in Europe: the challenge of extreme right-wing populism

Lecture by Chantal Mouffe

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Memory and Conflict

Lecture by Enzo Traverso

The Heritage of Ideas (Philosophy and Thought)

Lecture by André Glucksmann

Our Daly Bread (Economy)

Lecture by Antoni Castells

Values and Religions

Lecture by Olivier Mongin

Institutions and conflict management

Lecture by José María Ridao

Land and People Demography and Migration)

Lecture by Emmanuel Todd

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