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Data Journalism 2013

Data Journalism is a discipline that the main international media have incorporated in recent years, offering readers data visualisation and processing to explain data in a clear and understandable way. The I Data Journalism and Open Data Conference (#jpd13), held in May 2013 – at the CCCB, the Blanquerna Communication Faculty and at Medialab Prado – were a great success in terms of participation. The interest shown by those attending made clear the need to continue exploring the world of data. For this reason, the “Data Journalism” coordination team of the Spanish chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation has organised a series of monthly sessions so that journalists, IT specialists and designers can consider new work challenges together.

These will be very practical work sessions, scheduled in the afternoon and lasting three hours. Local data journalism projects will be presented, but we will also learn to make use of the tools that allow the processing of data and their visualisation. The data journalism sessions organised by the OKFN, in collaboration with CCCBLab, will also be a good place to get to know the professionals working in this discipline and to be aware of news, resources and scheduled events relating to data. 

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Aron Pilhofer is multimedia editor of the New York Times and co-founder of Documentcloud.

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