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Sebald Variations


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"Sebald Variations" has been conceived as a visual and textual essay that brings together the voice of the writer and other creators working in different fields and examines the way a number of Sebald’s conceptual strategies – the use of images with texts, his own particular historical reflections, the unexpected juxtaposition of scenes and narrativity as a whole – have influenced the visual arts and literature since his death in 2001.

Authors: W. G. Sebald, Jorge Carrión, Julià de Jòdar, Pablo Helguera, J. J. Long, Josep Maria Lluró

Publication year: 2015

Pages: 104

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

Images in colour: 80

978-84-606-5701-9 (català / english)
978-84-606-5702-6 (castellano / english)


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