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Las casas del alma

Maquetas arquitectónicas de la Antigüedad (5500 aC-300 dC)


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Are there substantial differences between the houses of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman cultures and the houses of today? Or are these mere accidental differences in materials, building techniques and comfort? Viewing the first maquettes of houses designed by man takes us back to that classical reflection on the form of the house, but above all, it awakens the inexhaustible passion for origins.

The book includes 100 of the most representative exhibits.

Authors: Ilse Schoep, Thomas G. Schattner, Lothar Haselberger, Darío López Morales, Gilda Bartoloni, Mark Wilson Jones, Patrizio Pensabene, Emilio Rodríguez-Almeida, Josep Maria Rovira, Joan Roig Duran, Joaquín Sanmartín, Béatrice André-Salvini, Pedro Azara, Jean-Jacques Wunenburger, Jean-Claude Margueron, Jean-Pierre Adam, Jean-Claude Golvin, Robert Vergnieux, Andrzej Niwinski, Béatrice Muller, Joachim Bretschneider, Carlos Guri Harth

Publication year: 1997

Pages: 300

Dimensions: 24 × 24 cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 300

978-84-7794-498-0 (català)
978-84-7794-501-7 (castellano)


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