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Xavier Marcé

Economist and Vice-President of Focus

He has been director of culture at the Hospitalet City Council, Director of Resources and Cultural Action at the ICUB, General Director of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries and has coordinated the Masters course in Cultural Management at the UB, among other functions. He is currently Vice-President of Focus and in charge of the expansion of the company. He is also teacher at Ramon Llull College. He regularly writes in newspapers as Ara, El Mundo de Catalunya and La Revista del Espectáculo. In addition, he collaborates with R4. He has published various books the last of which is El Exhibicionismo del Mecenas (Mileni, 2007).


Has participated in

The sense of culture

I+C+i - The future scenario

With Roger Bernat, Óscar Dasi, Xavier Mercè, Àlex Rigola, José Antonio Sánchez and Ricardo Szwarcer