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Vincent Puig

Since 1993, Vincent Puig has been pioneering new technologies in the cultural domain at the Centre Pompidou. As Director of Industrial Relations at Ircam, he designed new services for music software amateurs (Forum Ircam), online sound processing (Studio On Line) and Music interaction (Semantic HIFI) and has been active in the Mpeg7 standard process. In 2002, he launched Resonances, (International Convention on Technologies for Music) and Ircam Hypermedia Studio dedicated to the design of “guided listening” tools (Web radio, Musique Lab). In April 2006, he became Deputy Director of the Centre Pompidou Cultural Development Department, and was in charge of the newly founded Institute for Research and Innovation (IRI) dedicated to cultural technologies such as annotation tools, collaborative web and social networks and multimodal interfaces.

He is currently Executive Director of IRI, which he co-founded with Bernard Stiegler, in its new independent form established by the Centre Pompidou, CCCB, Microsoft, Goldsmiths College, Tokyo University, Institut Telecom and ENSCI and now joined by Alcatel Bell Labs and France Televisions. He is a member of the Advisory Board of DISH (Digital Strategies for Heritage), of the National Gallery of Denmark, Louvre Lens, Cité des Sciences and Ruhr2010 Cultural Capital of Europe. He is the President of the Culture & Media Community at Cap Digital Paris Cluster.


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Interview with Luis Ángel Fernández Hermana, Marc Garriga, Vincent Puig and Alex Hinojo

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