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Vicenç Altaió

Vicenç Altaió

Poet and critic, former director of the Santa Mònica Arts Centre.

 (Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, 1954) A poet, essayist, theatre translator, art critic, op-ed writer and cultural agitator, he was director of the KRTU (Universal Creation, Culture, Research and Technology) Centre and also of the Santa Mònica Arts Centre. He has been the curator of numerous exhibitions on artistic, literary and scientific themes, among them those for Miró Year, Pla Year and Dalí Year. Outstanding among his publications – besides his poems, which have been collected in Massa fosca (Poesia 1978-2004) (Dark Mass (Poems 1978 – 2004), Moll, 2004) and continued in Santa Follia de Ser Càntic (Holy Madness of Being Canticle, Eliseu Climent, 2005) – is the series Tràfic d’idees (Trafficking in Ideas, Mall, 1986), a transversal intellectual biography consisting of writings on artists and renovation in art as ethics, with the recent publication of Desglossari d’un avantguardista (Disentangling of an Avant-guardist, Destino, 2000), Els germans (The Brothers, Destino, 2002), El cervell i les venes (Brain and Veins, March, 2005), La consola de Cadaqués (The Console of Cadaqués, Eumo, 2007), and Un sereno en el cementiri de l’art (A Nightwatchman in the Cemetery of Art, Ass. Joan Ponç, 2011). He has also launched several multidisciplinary projects, including the reviews Tarotdequinze, Èczema, Àrtics and Cave Canis. Moreover, he played the part of Casanova in Albert Serra’s film Història de la meva mort (The Story of My Death).

Update: 10 April 2013


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