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Vic Moliner


Bassist, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. In 2017 he co-founded the production studio Olivera, from where he has produced music by artists such as Clara Peya, Guadi Galego, Paula Grande, Magalí Sare or Pau Brugada. In 2023 he publishes Foc i endreces, in which, for the first time, he sings his songs, besides composing and producing them. He publishes, also for the first time, his texts in the poetry book Tu i les pre(s)ses (2023). Among his multiple creations we can highlight ARA (2016) and, under the project name "Verd i Blau", the albums Tocar l'horitzó (2014) and Un fràgil coral (2012). He has presented all of them in many concerts as a result of an intense activity during the last 10 years.

Update: 20 February 2024


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Moments of an imperfect world

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