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Valère Novarina

She studied philosophy, philology and history of the theatre at the Paris Sorbonne. Her first play, L’Atelier volant,was directed by Jean-Pierre Sarrazac in 1974, marking the start of her theatre career, alternating with writing novels and poetry, and painting and drawing. Her work creates its own universe based on artistic metalanguages and phonetics as a central aesthetic element.

Outstanding among her versatile body of work are the exhibitions “Théâtre de dessins: 2.587 personnages, 311 définitions de Dieu” (Arts Santa Mònica, 2011) and “Valère Novarina, dessins” (Galerie Cortex Athletico, Bordeaux, 2011), and the sound documents brought together in Le Vrai sang (2006) and Journal du drame, Lecture, 1981 (2009). Her writings have served as inspiration or been adapted by Jean-Luc Godard (Nouvelle Vague, 1990) and Christine Pascal (Soigne ta droite, 1987). Finally, special mention should be made of her plays Le Drame de la vie (1984), Le Repas (1996), L’Acte inconnu (2007) and L’Opérette imaginaire (2009), and the essays Lettre aux acteurs (1979), Pendant la matière (1991), Devant la parole (1999) and L’Envers de l’esprit (2009).

Update: 31 October 2016

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