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Stephan Harding

He holds a doctorate in Behavioural Ecology from the University of Oxford, and coordinates the MSc in Holistic Science at the Schumacher College, International Centre for Ecological Studies

He was one of the pioneers in the study of the ecological impact of deer on the English countryside and has participated, since 1990, in the ecological restoration of the Dartington Hall Estate. His reference points for his research are ideas of deep ecology and Gaia theory, which considers the Earth as a living being that creates its own habitat.
He has worked together with several leading scientists and especially with James Lovelock, the main driving force behind Gaia theory. Together they are working on the construction of a model to generate feedback between living beings and the environment. He is author of numerous essays on this subject, the most recent being Animate Earth (2006).
Since its creation in 1991, he has lived at the Schumacher College, in the United Kingdom, and travels around the world to give conferences and run workshops on Gaia theory.


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Animate Earth

Stephan Harding