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Sira Abenoza

Doctorate in Philosophy and director of La Casa dels Clàssics (The House of Classics). In addition to her commitment to fostering universal access to the classics of philosophy, she is founder and director of the Institute for Socratic Dialogue, a foundation that promotes Socratic dialogue as a tool for inclusion and cultivating justice. Her work can be found in the documentaries Filosofia a la presó (Philosophy in Prison, Seminici Prize 2015), about the courses she taught in prisons; and In dialogue, about the dialogue she implemented in Northern Ireland. She is a lecturer in the Department of Society, Politics, and Sustainability at ESADE, a researcher at the Institute of Social Innovation, and director of the Vicenç Vives Programme. She also works with such media outlets as Núvol and and has also published the books CSR in front of the mirror (2015) and NGO and business collaborations that transform society (2016).

Update: 15 April 2021


Has participated in

Inauguration of the Classics Festival

Metamorphoses. The Myth of Identity