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Sílvia Colomé


Sílvia Colomé is editor-in-chief of culture at La Vanguardia, a newspaper where she has also held other responsibilities related to the digital edition. She began her career as a journalist in the public radio and television of Andorra, where she won the Pirene and Tristaina Journalism Awards, and continued her career in the audiovisual world in Betevé. She does not hide her passion for Florence and its history, which has led her to publish the book La divina Florència. Passejos insòlits amb Dante, Leonardo, Galileu i altres acompanyants il·lustres (Pòrtic Edicions i Diëresis, 2021). She is also the author of the novel La llegenda del Carreró (Pagès editors, 2018), the children's story L'estalactita ploramiques (Edicions Salòria, 2020) and the poetic stories Retrats nòmades with the artist Delphine Labedan.

Update: 22 December 2021


Has participated in

Dante, a fire that never puts out

Alessandro Barbero and José Maria Micó