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Sera Sánchez

Sera Sánchez. Social Educator, family mediator and playwright.

Currently working as Social Educator at the Consortium of Social Welfare in la Selva.

Member of the Governing Board of CEESC (Social Educators Association of Catalonia) and one of the managers of the communications cluster.

Co-founder of the theatre company "Factoria Los Sánchez" and author of several plays performed in the Valencian theatre circuit.

Author of the social educator blog "Social Educator in Alaska" and of several articles related to social education.

The texts of this blog have now been transformed into a play with the same name as the blog. The play was awarded the Retines Prize 2008 by the CEESC. It premiered in 2009 at the Teatre Principal de Castelló and is currently touring Spain.

Update: 5 May 2011

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