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Rubén Duro Pérez

A biologist, science communicator, photographer and independent producer of science and natural history documentaries, Duro (1963) is the founder of the Science into Images project. He works regularly with several teams of scientists, to whom he provides visual material and with whom he has produced a number of audiovisual pieces to explain their research projects.

He is renowned for his ability to reveal the beauty and importance of microscopic life. He has received various national and international prizes and a number of television and radio programmes have been devoted to his work.

His images have appeared in a range of scientific journals and popular science magazines (Symbiosis, International Microbiology, Contributions to Science, PLoS ONE, National Geographic, Investigación y Ciencia and Muy Interesante) and were included in the exhibition Microlife. Beyond the Human Eye, organised by CosmoCaixa in 2012.

Update: 21 May 2021