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Robin Green

Robin Green is a writer and television producer. She has participated in critically acclaimed, hit TV series including The Sopranos (1999, HBO), for which she won an Emmy awards and a Golden Globe for writing and executive producing, or Northern Exposure (1990, CBS), for which she won the same awards. In conjunction with Mitchell Burgess she created the police procedural drama Blue Bloods (2010, CBS), and she has been involved in different roles as writer and producer in numerous other television productions, such as A Year in the Life (1986, NBC), Almost Grown (1988, CBS) or the television film Critical Choices (1996, Paramount+). Before her start in television, Green worked as a cultural journalist for Rolling Stone magazine, where she wrote some iconic features, like her story on Dennis Hopper in New Mexico. In her memoir, The Only Girl: My Life and Times on the Masthead of Rolling Stone (Little, Brown and Company, 2018). Green tells the story of her experience as the only woman on the masthead of Rolling Stone during the 1970s and more broadly recounts her life and professional career.


Update: 12 March 2024


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