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Peter Sloterdijk

A philosopher and Professor of Aesthetics and Philosophy at the Karlsruhe University of Art and Design (Germany), and presently considered to be one of the world’s most influential philosophers, he has published numerous books on the crisis of philosophy in the West and the need for a new system of thought, always taking the stance of a continual criticism of humanism. His work, generally controversial in academic circles, covers themes as diverse as music, poetry, psychoanalysis, contemporary art and, more recently, ecology. Notable among his many essays are the Spheres trilogy, consisting of Bubbles (in Spanish, Burbujas, Siruela, 2003), Globes (in Spanish, Globos, Siruela, 2004) and Foams (in Spanish, Espumas, Siruela, 2006), in which he develops a path-breaking phenomenology of space called “spherology”. Other outstanding titles are Regeln für den Menschenpark (Regulations for the Human Park – published in Spanish as Normas para el parque humano, Siruela, 2000), a work that triggered a well-known  argument between Sloterdijk and Jürgen Habermas about the relationship between the technical realm and human nature. He has also published Critique of Cynical Reason (in Spanish, Crítica de la razón cínica, Siruela, 2003), one of his most widely read and discussed books, Rage and Time (in Spanish, Ira y tiempo, (Siruela 2006), Neither Sun Nor Death (in Spanish, El sol y la muerte, Siruela, 2014) and many works analysing the writings of thinkers like Nietzsche and Heidegger. His most recent work to be published in Spanish, ¿Que Sucedió en el Siglo XX? (Siruela, 2018 – What Happened in the 20th Century?), is a collection of lectures in which Sloterdijk examines the cultural legacy of last century and argues for a total renewal of our ways of acting, deciding, and thinking, always with a focus on caring for the planet.

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