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A Catalan artist and writer, Perejaume (Sant Pol de Mar, 1957) educated himself reading and re-reading the works of Joan Brossa, J. V. Foix and Jacint Verdaguer who, together with popular culture and rural world of the Maresme region, influenced the development of his artistic perspective. Combining plastic and literary creation, his work brings together painting, sculpture, the word, action, video, and sound in order to question the relations between nature and culture. In 2005 he received the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia National Prize for the Visual Arts for his book Els cims pensamenters and, in 2006, the National Prize for the Plastic Arts awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture for his “reformulation of the relationship between art and territory”. Among his best known interventions and exhibitions are the ceiling rosettes of the Liceu opera house (1999), the retrospectives Deixar de fer una exposició (Macba, 1999) and Ai Perejaume, si veies la munió d’obres que t’envolten, no en faries cap de nova! (La Pedrera, 2011), and also his participation in the exhibition “The Thinking Machine” at the CCCB in the form of the video installation La rel de l’arbre és una roda (2016). Notable among his books are L’obra i la por (Galàxia Gutenberg, 2007), Pagèsiques (Edicions 62, 2011, winner of the 2012 City of Barcelona Prize and the Lletra d’Or Prize the same year), Paraules locals (Tushita Edicions, 2015) and Treure una marededéu a ballar (Galàxia Gutenberg, 2018). 

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Centre Documentació i Debat

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Perejaume. Installation


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Lecture by Perejaume

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Take-away Landscapes - 2009

Lectures in the master's degree course "Landscape Intervention and Management"

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