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Pedro Pina

DJ and producer

Since the late 90’s, local hero Pina has demonstrated his endless passion for musical experimentation. This has led him to shape his own unique sound to such a meticulousness level and purity that his music is now easily recognizable. This is clearly audible when listening to the successful Onda Corta, Hum, Transit and Lärm, all of which were released on Lapsus Records.

Pedro Pina has therefore established himself as a central component of the national and international electronic music scene, thanks also to the energy and power of his amazing live shows. This was once again evident at his recent performances for Sónar and Primavera Sound.

At CCCB within the framework of Lapsus 2019. ACT 2: The Echo Chamber, Pina will perform a radically different style to which we have become accustomed, with a live set showcasing his much-anticipated new ambient work Buit, due for release in 2020. 

Update: 17 July 2019

Has participated in

Lapsus 2019 - ACT 2: The Echo Chamber

Avant-garde Electronic Music Sessions