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Pauline L. Boulba

I am a dance performer and dance historian based in France. My interest for the historical and contemporary battles of queer communities, and more widely for those of minorities and the oral repertoires of political struggles, have brought me to combine academic and popular knowledge, movement analysis and rap, fiction and documentary formats. I met Aminata Labor in 2016. Together we sing in the amateurrrr rap band la flemme. We co-produce L’eau à la butch, a radio show which shares LGBTQI+ thoughts on art and life, which airs on Radio Galoche. In 2020 I was granted a “Sur Mesure” residency and research grant from the French Institute to travel to the Unites-States in order to pursue my investigation on Jill Johnston (1929-2010) and lesbian~queer legacies. The multi-layer project J.J. will be followed in 2022-2023 by a performance, a documentary film shot in the US, accompanied by a publication gathering texts which will be the result of collective translation sessions.

IG @popo_l_b @argdakk
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Update: 26 December 2021

Has participated in

As Buffard As Possible

Pauline L. Boulba, Aminata Labor and guests