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As Buffard As Possible

Pauline L. Boulba, Aminata Labor and guests


Pauline L. Boulba presents a new version of her performance about French choreographer Alain Buffard, on this occasion accompanied by Aminata Labor and a group of amateur music and singers from Barcelona.

As Buffard As Possible is a journal written over the summer in 2017 during the creative process for La langue brisée (3). Using this text, I imagined a performance which is, at each invitation, a pretext to add news materials. The starting point is always the same: talking about two artworks by the french choreographer Alain Buffard (1960-2013), presenting my grand parents and listening The Flying Lesbians’ music. The following is a surprise. For Salmon Festival, I would like to share a new version with my accomplice Aminata Labor and with a group of amateurs musicians and singers met in Barcelona.

Participants: Pauline L. Boulba

This activity is part of The Mask Never Lies, SÂLMON 2022

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