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Núria Montserrat

ICREA research professor and head researcher at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), she is engaged in pioneering research in the study and development of new strategies in regenerative medicine.

Núria Montserrat is a bioengineer specialising in stem cells and the generation of complex multicellular systems in her work of understanding the development of diseases in humans. Her main area of research is in the field of regenerative medicine where she is working on new strategies based on bioinformatics and bioengineering. She has received many awards, among them the prestigious Iñigo Álvarez de Toledo Prize for Basic Research in Nephrology for her work in developing the first kidney organoid, a project that was also selected by Science magazine as one of the ten major discoveries of 2013. Throughout her career, she has contributed to popularising science and, in 2019, she was a member of the commission of the Barcelona City and Science Biennale. At present, she and her team are participating in a research project aiming to develop a drug that would prevent the COVID-19 virus from infecting new cells.

Update: 29 May 2020


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Núria Montserrat and Javier Martínez-Picado

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