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Núria Graham


A Catalan singer-songwriter with an Irish father, she has been playing the guitar from an early age. Her precocious talent for composing delicate pop-rock songs with touches of folk led her, when she was only sixteen, to publish her first demo, First Tracks (2015), which sold out. Her debut album Bird Eyes (2017) made her even better known. In 2020 she released Marjorie and now he's moving on with At Last (2021), a two-song single that acts as a hinge between Marjorie and a new sonic stage that will culminate in a highly anticipated new album. She is now working within her own composing and performing frame of reference, which is notable for a special sonority of voice and electric guitar over electronic and acoustic backgrounds, accompanied by captivatingly sensual lyrics. Her stage performances are astonishing.

Update: 29 October 2021


Has participated in

Instants of an Imperfect World

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