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Noémia Delgado


Since the 60’s she was connected with Portuguese cinema and the Cinema Novo generation, which later tried to revolutionize the national film production, she was the assistant of Paulo Rocha in Mudar de Vida (1966) and of Manoel de Oliveira in O Passado e o Presente (1971), then she was also an intern in Paris with Jean Rouch.

As a director, her best-known work is Masks (1976), inspired by the ethnographic works of Benjamim Pereira, which the director and actress Catarina Alves Costa considers "a very pioneering and very important film for those who work in ethnographic cinema in Portugal", and that is in line with the documentaries by António Campos, such as Vilarinho das Furnas (1971) or Falamos de Rio de Onor (1974).


Has participated in

Masks. Noémia Delgado