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Mostafa Shaimi

Lecturer at the University of Girona and researcher

A lecturer in the Department of Education at the University of Girona (UdG), where he is also writing a PhD thesis on racism and religious diversity, he is a specialist in social revitalisation, an area of social action aiming at strengthening alliances between different actors of a community in order to consolidate the social fabric. He is also coordinator of the master’s degree in Religious Diversity: Thought, Reality, Management (UdG). Apart from his academic work, he has been active in the areas of public administration and social organisations, including Fundació IRes (Institute for Social Rehabilitation), GRAMC (Cultural Minorities Research Group), and Càritas, as well as with projects like the Fòrum Inclusió Social i Ciutadania (Forum for Social Inclusion and Citizenship) and the Ordit Programe of the Jaume Bofill Foundation. He is also a member of the Salt-Girona Antiracist Space and a regular columnist for the daily Ara.

Update: 28 September 2020


Has participated in

The Mirror of Racism

Immigration: social and cultural capital