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Mos Maiorum

Documentary theater group

Mos Maiorum is a Barcelona-based theater collective constituted in 2015. The collective is formed by Alba Valldaura and Ireneu Tranis, along with their usual collaborators: Claudia Vilà as space designer and Guillem Llotje as sound space manager.

Mos Maiorum specializes in documentary and political theatre and is committed to putting the audience at the centre of the stage situation using immersive formats. In this way, it transforms the scene into a public forum from which to collectively reflect on the issues that create social conflict. They use the stage to achieve collective and transformational catharsis. They often produce their works through a word-for-word technique (verbatim). Verbatim consists in creating a dramaturgy from interviews and sound recordings of witnesses that the interpreters reproduce as faithfully as possible, with all their breaks, accents, imperfections and nuances, creating an effect of truthfulness that blurs the actor and transports the witnesses of the recordings on stage.

Currently, the company has three shows on tour: Mos Maiorum (2016), which deals with migrations on the southern Spanish border and has more than 53 functions carried out throughout Spain, Gentry (2018) premiered at the GREC Festival and received the Adrià Gual Award 2017 from the Institute of Theatre and the Diputación de Barcelona, and Turba, premiered at the Teatre Lliure in January 2020. In 2019, Mos Maiorum became the resident company of the Teatre Lliure.

Update: 29 August 2022

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Mos Maiorum + Joan Garriga