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Mos Maiorum + Joan Garriga



In this second session of the Laboratori escènic cycle, theatre group Mos Maiorum presents Solar, an immersive ritual-performance about the landscape, with the collaboration of musician and songwriter Joan Garriga.

We know that human presence in the world as part of the landscape is definitive in a way it has never been before. Yet despite this, the so-called energy transition is being implemented according to the same economic models that have led us to ecological disaster. This is the context in which documentary theatre company Mos Maiorum and musician Joan Garriga reflect on the landscape, that mirror of social conflicts.

Solar is an immersive ritual-performance about the business of installing photovoltaic panels in crop fields in depressed rural areas. A liturgical act with two conflicting worlds: wheat and laser, voice and mirror, memory and cables. Photovoltaic power stations of enormous magnitudes cement fields. Cabled black mirrors replace ears of wheat. What will the workers in the field sing when the field is a power plant? Do mechanical snails dream of electric storms?

After the performance, there’ll be a talk with the company in the foyer of the Teatre CCCB, while we enjoy a beer.

This session is part of the project S+T+ARTS "Repairing the Present", wich aims to foster imaginative thinking by creating spaces of dialogue between Science, Technology, and the Arts.

Artistic credits
A collective creation by Mos Maiorum. Project direction: Ireneu Tranis. Visual direction and external eye: Clàudia Vilà. Dramaturgy: Ireneu Tranis and Alba Valldaura. Performers: Alba Valldaura, Martina Tresserra, Ireneu Tranis. Sound space and electronic music: Guillem Llotje. Costumes: Adriana Parra. Laser: INZIST. Technical direction and lighting: Dani Miracle. Liturgical advisor: Marquet Sempere-Moy. Collaborating playwright: Estel Solé. Stage design assistant: Lydia Cornillet. Prop maker: Xavier Arbonès. Production: Muntsa Roca, Anastàtica Cultural. Co-production: Fira Mediterrània, Festival de Llegendes. Thanks to: All the witnesses interviewed, Arnau Obiols, Fabra i Coats and Antic Teatre

Curators: Isaac Vila

Participants: Mos Maiorum, Joan Garriga

This activity is part of Stage Laboratory 2022, Stage Laboratory

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