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Morrosko Vila-San-Juan

Morrosko Vila-San-Juan (Barcelona, 1970)

After earning a BA in Philosophy and Literature from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Morrosko Vila-San-Juan has worked as a journalist, script-writer and producer (for film and television), although directing takes up most of his time. His filmography includes shorts, video clips, documentaries and TV and transmedia projects in various formats. He has directed and/or produced programmes such as Versión Española (TVE), Trailer (BTV), and Soy Cámara, the CCCB’s Programme, and he received a special mention in the Premis Ciutat de Barcelona. He has also directed documentaries such as Barcelona era una fiesta (Underground. 1970-1980) and Valors, La memoria de la Plaza, and the series Objetivo Salud, for TVE.

Morrosko Vila-San-Juan teaches film and video production in masters and undergraduate degrees at several universities and regularly contributes to the “Cultura/s” supplement of La Vanguardia and various online media.

Update: 23 January 2017


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