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Moritz Von Oswald

Music producer and multi-instrumentalist

The mythical master of audio experimentation and an unwavering advocate of sound perfectionism, Moritz von Oswald deservedly has a place in the pantheon of modern electronic music.

Although his initial music offerings were part of the early 80’s new wave movement —at which time he was an integral member of the band Palais Schaumburg—, Moritz established himself as a benchmark name in electronic music at the beginning of the 90’s, through his work on seminal record labels and artistic projects including Basic Channel, Maurizio, Chain Reaction and Rhythm & Sound, all of which he co-founded and ran with his inseparable creative partner Mark Ernestus.

Together they redefined techno and headed the techno dub genre revolution that to this day continues to influence artists worldwide. Their visionary approach to sound, combined with strong Jamaican roots influences, also transformed them into celebrated champions of minimalism and central figures in the connection between Detroit and Berlin, collaborating with luminary artists such as Juan Atkins, Eddie «Flashin» Fowlkes and Jeff Mills.

Throughout the 21st Century, Von Oswald has continued to develop his work in more experimental contexts, expanding his repertoire through a multitude of alternative projects —among his most recent milestones, the historic launch of Deutsche Grammophon with Carl Craig and the collaborative project The Moritz Von Oswald Trio, formed by Max Loderbauer and Tony Allen—.

At CCCB within the framework of Lapsus 2019. ACT 2: The Echo Chamber, Moritz Von Oswald will perform as a solo artist for the first time in Spain, presenting his new show Akklamation. His performance will also take place in a custom-built three-dimensional sound environment provided by Intorno Labs.

Update: 17 July 2019

Has participated in

Lapsus 2019 - ACT 2: The Echo Chamber

Avant-garde Electronic Music Sessions