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Montserrat Escartín

Expert professor in contemporary literature and animal ethics

Montserrat Escartín is chair of Hispanic Philology at the University of Girona and focuses her research on literature as a critical observatory and a disseminator of ethical approaches in our relations to non-human animals. She has taught for different Master’s programs offered by the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has also directed the Ethics and Animals section of the Revista de Bioética y Derecho [Journal of Bioethics and Law] published by the University of Barcelona. Throughout her career she has published vast numbers of books and articles on animal rights, in addition to participating in conferences and seminars addressing issues like bullfighting and the mistaken meaning of concepts such as culture and tradition. In 2005, she was one of the promoters of the Interuniversity Association for the Defence of Animals, which gathered together teachers and researchers from the CSIC. She served as the association’s president for several years. She also has ties to different working teams at different universities, including UPF and UAB, which serve as spaces for reflection and for the advancement of an ethics that reconsiders our relationship with non-human animals.

Update: 21 September 2021


Has participated in

The Future of Animal Rights

Reflections from the University