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Mireille Gansel

Translator and writer

She is a translator and writer and is considered one of today's most important translators. The daughter of Jewish refugees, she grew up in post-war France. Her family's knowledge of Hungarian, Yiddish and German was one of the few things they retained after the Nazi persecution and would become the most precious asset the author inherited. She has translated many famous poets such as Peter Huchel, Reiner Kunze, Nelly Sachs, as well as various letters of Paul Celan. She also contributed to the humanistic review La Quinzaine Littéraire. He received the prestigious Grand Prix de Traduction Gérard de Nerval in 2011. Mireille Gansel's interest in the world of translation comes from a deeply political and social commitment, which the Catalan PEN will recognize with the Veu Lliure 2021 award. She is the author of the books Traduire comme transhumer (Éditions Calligrammes, 2012), in which she reflects on translation as a way of life, a path of knowledge, discovery and life and La Llantia de l'espera (Lleonard Muntaner, 2021). 

Update: 2 November 2021


Has participated in

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