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Michel Agier

Anthropologist, investigation director at Institute of Investigation for the Development and member of the African Training center of the EHESS (Paris).

An anthropologist, he is director of the Institute of Research for Development (IRD), a member of the Centre of African Studies at the EHESS (Paris) and is engaged in anthropological research in cities of Africa and Latin America, the dynamics of social change and urban cultural movements, mostly in peripheral zones, while also working on social groups in situations of precariousness and marginalisation. At present, he is studying how peoples reconstruct their identities after being forced into in exodus because of wars and, in particular, when they are regrouped in refugee camps. On this subject he has published Aux bords du monde, les réfugiés (Flammarion, Paris 2002) and, more recently, Gérer les indésirables. Des camps de réfugiés au gouvernement humanitaire (Flammarion, 2008).


Has participated in

Living with Diversity

For a Politics of Hope in Europe

Urban traumas

Cities and disasters